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By accessing or creating an account to use the service at the website https://mojo.vn, you confirm that you have accepted and agreed to the terms, conditions and main provisions of Ung Dung Sang Tao Company as stipulated definition below. If you do not agree with these terms, conditions and policies, please do not use the service.

Term of Affiliate Program

Hello Mojoer, welcome to the Mojo AI community. 

This is an affiliate program for Mojoer, mutual benefits for both Mojoer & referred User. Lets create your own network.

Please take a few minutes to read to understand more before participating.

1. Reward Regulations

Please guide me through it:

Step 1: Become Mojoer. Yeah, you are here.

Step 2: Copy your code and send it to your users

Step 3: Your user (Tier 1) enters the code at "Referral Mojoer Code".

Please make sure your friend entered the correct code. When you encounter problems, feel free to contact me for support https://mojo.vn/contactus

2. General

The affiliate program will be effective starting from October 20, 2023. Mojo AI reserves the right to modify its policies based on actual business circumstances and will provide official notifications on the website https://mojo.vn at least 3 days before implementing any new policies.

Conditions to start?

To become a Mojoer, you need to be a VIP user at Mojo, it gives your referred users more peace of mind. So simple to get started!

What I will get?

Credit to use all services provided from Mojo Ecosystem.

Register for the Affiliate Program. When registering for the program on the website https://app/mojo.vn/aff/start, Mojoer will receive a referral link or code. When the referred user purchase a Mojo AI service package, the credit reward will be added to both Mojoer  and referred user account.

Affiliate Commitment. Mojoer are responsible for the information they share, customer information, and any details related to the affiliate program. They should share appropriate information and take responsibility for copyright and branding issues.

Affiliate Rights. Mojoer have the right to request an audit of referral information and rewards received within the last 30 days.

Mojo AI Commitment. Mojo AI is obligated to record, manage, and store affiliate referral information. It is responsible for verifying and processing affiliate data to ensure accurate and complete reward tracking.

Mojo AI Rights. Mojo AI has full authority to modify policies, suspend, temporarily halt, continue, or amend any information related to the affiliate program. Mojo AI has full authority in managing affiliate program data and using it for processing or utilizing it for marketing, commercial purposes, and more. Mojo AI reserves the right to suspend, temporarily halt, or deactivate an affiliate's account if any violations of Mojo AI's policies are discovered. 

Over time, we will have many attractive programs, if you like them and want to contribute ideas, please contact me at https://mojo.vn/contactus.