A Guide to Mojo AI generation

 The answer is for you if you're seeking guidance on how to use the Mojo AI tool

Infinity Art

Why is it called “infinity” ?

Art style

Group style

1. Visual and Cinematic

2. Anime and illustrative

3. Traditional and Artistic

4. Whimsical and Fantasy

5. Surreal and Evocative

6. Minimalist and Aesthetic

7. Diverse and Mixed Media

8. Contemporary and Digital

9. Artistic Techniques and Craft

10. Visual and Commercial Art

11. Nature and Space

About art style and prompt

Image magical

Image expand

Image expand

Background remove

Background remove



​QR Art

Generate QR Art

How many elements are involved in creating a good QR Art?

How does a prompt impact the QR code?

How does a QR Template impact the QR code?

How does a Art Style impact the QR code?

How does a Padding impact the QR code?

How does a URL (QR content) impact the QR code?

Using the website

1. Access Mojo AI service

Access Mojo AI service: https://app.mojo.vn
and login with your google account, phone number or telegram account

2. Access Image generator

After login press "Image Generator"

3. Input your prompt, select style art, image ratio and image count

4. Press "Generate" button and dowload your image

Using the mobile app

1. Dowload Mojo AI App

For Android Device: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.innoria.ai
For iOS Device: https://apps.apple.com/vn/app/mojo-ai/id1670687678

2. Open Mojo AI App and login your account

- Open Mojo AI App
- Login with google accout, apple account (with iOS device) or phone number
- Press "image generator" 
- Select image ratio, input your prompt, select art style and image count
- Press "Generate" button, waiting process and dowload your image