Free Generation with Express Mode on Canva

Not just quick experiences, Mojo is a lasting AI solution for your long term needs on content creations

Bring your avatar to life with vibrant art AI

Convert your plain avatar into a stunning, colorful art piece with AI. 
With just a few clicks, transform your profile picture into a dynamic, vibrant masterpiece, perfect for social media profiles.


Exciting News! Mojo AI's New Image Creation Feature Now Integrated with Adobe Express! 

We are thrilled to announce that Mojo AI add-ons have been integrated into Adobe Express, bringing advanced AI-driven image creation features to the Adobe Express community.

Mojo AI on Zalo mini App

🎉 Exciting News! Mojo AI has just launched its app on the Zalo Mini App platform! 

🚀 Now, you can create stunning artworks right from your Zalo app using Mojo AI's powerful features. 

Whether you're into digital art, photo editing, or exploring new creative styles, Mojo AI has got you covered.

Discover Mojo AI on chatGPT

Explore Mojo AI's integration into chatGPT

Mojo AI is now seamlessly integrated with ChatGPT, opening up new frontiers for artistic expression! 

Ever imagined turning your words into captivating visual masterpieces? With Mojo AI on ChatGPT, that dream is now a reality

Face swap and background remove

Our Swap Face feature makes it hilariously fun and oh-so-easy. 
Experiment with photos, switch faces around, and create some fun moments to share with friends!Oh, and our Remove Background tool?

It's the swift solution to bid farewell to unwanted photo backgrounds in a snap! 

Transform your images into visually stunning, sleek, and creative masterpieces with just a click.

Discover Mojo AI on Canva

Mojo AI and Canva. Where Artificial Intelligence Meets Creative Design.

The integration of Mojo AI and the Canva design platform has opened a new door for those who are passionate about creativity.

Draw your Stories In Seconds

Not Hours

Artistic QR Generator

Write your QR content, idea and select art style, wait a second for Amazing QR Art 

TEXT to QR ART, QR to QR ART generator

Mobile App for Mojo AI 

iOS users can experience the magic that AI brings through the wonderful artworks of the community and professional story writers not only completely free, but also people centric development.


Chatbot at Telegram

Faster support and guidance from Admin team

Multiple Styles

Choose your own style, turn ideas into reality.
Photographic, digital art, fantasy art, gorgeous, interior... It's your choice.

Short Text on Image

The whole world is in your ideas, creativity has no limits. Mojo AI turns your dreams into a unique artistic reality, included short text, logo

The power of creativity