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About Mojo AI

Mojo AI is operating on which platforms ?

We are deploying Mojo AI services on the website: and Telegram: Additionally, the Mojo AI mobile app will be launched soon

The services provided by Mojo AI ?

Mojo AI offers AI-powered services such as Text to Image, Beat & Vocal Extractor, Text to Speech, OCR, Content Creator, Text Rewrite, Voice Recognition, Background Remove, and Plagiarism. Among these, Mojo art stands out the most.

Mojo Art

How can I use Mojo Art ?

You can use Mojo art directly on the Mojo website at the following link: or our official Telegram channel at:

I would like to know about the fees for using Mojo Art

We offer different usage plan including Apprentice, Artisan, Maestro, and Free plan. The Free plan includes 75 free credits. For detailed information, please visit:

How can I make payment for Mojo AI plan?

You can make direct payment on our website at or pay on-the-go when using the Mojo AI bot at

What is a token, and how is it calculated?

Token can be simply understood as a resource used for the Mojo AI Bot. Each time you use a service provided by Mojo AI, it consumes a certain amount of tokens (credits). For example, Mojo Art requires 2 tokens for one image generation.