Why Mojo Plan To Canva

Mojo AI

Why Mojo Plan To Canva:

"You don’t need to be a graphic design expert to create amazing visuals for your brand these days. With the help of tools such as Canva, you can create social media graphics, blog post headers, and even videos that not only look great but also perfectly complement your branding." Canva says

And at Mojo, you don't have to be developer or a professional designer. Mojo AI needs you to write down artistic ideas, draw pictures in your imagination, unleash your creativity. Mojo AI will help you create stunning masterpiece.

Mojo AI focuses on understanding the language the user describes well for it to work. Mojo AI is user-friendly, with Mojo AI you only need a few clicks to create a image. Mojo provides full features for you to make your stunning masterpiece. Including the basic function of downloading high quality photos, that is the dedication of the Mojo team.

That's why Mojo plan to Canva. And more than that, we have the same target market, users. In other words, we have the same vision and mission.

Why people choose Mojo AI?

1. Worldwide Users

Mojo AI brings easy-to-use AI tools to all users in the world. Mojo AI understands and handle foreign languages well even ​​difficult languages ​​like Vietnamese.

2. User-friendliness

According to the market research team at Mojo. Generation Y is the generation that starts to use and familiarize themselves with tools. Generation Z is the generation that owns the tools, transitioning to automation and focusing on creativity. At the time Mojo AI comes to the market suitable for all of you Generation Z, between the ages of 14 and 26, Mojo AI focuses on creativity. The most obvious is the appearance of youtubers, tiktoker, .. emerging as a new wave of professions.

Moreover, Children still use Mojo AI for creativity, students use for learning, reporting at school, a staff  use to promote products to users, adults use to relax and discover new things every day. 

3. Optimal cost

As we all know, the cost of AI is a huge cost to research, develop, and maintain as well as cost to transfer to end-user.

History tells us, AI's ups and downs are due to budget exhaustion.

Mojo AI is constantly researching and applying new technologies, in order to optimize development costs, and provide users with the most optimal price.

Helping users access new technology more easily.

What Mojo AI has achieved after 3 months on the market ?

Mojo has been developing on a core technology platform for 16 years, some outstanding AI products have come before such as Mojo Cut, DigiArt,... 

Mojo AI has recently returned with technology such as image generator, QR Art generator, music generator, content generator,...  received community reception with questionable results.